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Cover: 7Hues Hommes Magazine, February '18, No. 5

This is the official website of dentist/model/photographer... all around crazy man... Doctor Ian.

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Why Modelling?

I started modelling to get into dental school.

Upon learning that I left dentistry to model one of the most common remarks is, "wow, you're following your dreams!" Let's clear something up: modelling was never a "dream" of mine. As a child walking through the mall and strolling past GAP KIDS, I never wished "wow, that could be me!". As a teenager walking through the mall and strolling past GAP, I similarly never thought "duuude, that could be me". 

Things I HAVE dreamt about:

  • Bench pressing 225lbs/102kg
  • Eating fish (I'm allergic)
  • Owning a Lamborghini
  • Captivating a large audience
  • Being able to run fast - like super fast
  • Marrying my elementary school crush of grades 5-8
  • Beating the pulp out of my childhood bullies

Modelling was not a dream. It was a necessity.

Nothing builds confidence faster than strutting down the catwalk into a room full of cougars** - wearing nothing but a pair of red satin tighty-wighties

Flashback: circa spring 2013. It's near the end of my second year of my Physiology and Pharmacology undergraduate degree, which is also the time when most students are interviewing for acceptance into medical and dental schools. The style of interview is called MMI: multiple mini interview, a gruelling circuit-style interview process whereby one is independently assessed at different stations at 8 minutes each.

I absolutely BOMBED my medical MMI. Wasn't even offered a dental MMI that year because I typed the wrong school code on my online application*. At each station my brain froze, thoughts turned to mush, and words became a stuttering mess. What happened? During my practice sessions everything was perfect! But in front of the interviewer, man became mouse - a braindead mouse. God forbid if the interviewer was an attractive woman, then I was in big trouble. I had zero confidence and perceived my life as uninteresting.

Change needed to take place. FAST. But how do you build confidence in one year?


My logic was simple: models are some of the most confident*** (to a fault) individuals in the world. Well... models and drunkards... but going into an interview intoxicated didn't seem to be a viable alternative.

I'll save the actual logistics of HOW I got into modelling for another post. So fast forward 1 year: behind my parents' backs, I was now part of my first agency (Edge Agency in Regina, SK), walked a few runway shows, and met many amazing personalities. Nothing builds confidence faster than strutting down a catwalk into a room full of cougars** - wearing nothing but a pair of red satin tighty-wighties. I'll give you a moment to let that image burn itself into your memory.

This newfound confidence and experience, combined with a new MMI-strategy, made my medicine and dentistry interviews much smoother, arguably even enjoyable. After being accepted into the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan I maintained my position with the modelling agency. At this point I had grown to love the people in the fashion industry and was excited for what opportunities might arise in the future.

Modelling had served its purpose. Obviously my future was set in dentistry.



  • *it pays to proofread, ladies and gentlemen  
  • **Merriam-Webster defines cougara middle-aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man
  • ***once in the industry I realize that insecurity runs rampant

God's Plan

Why Dentistry?