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5 Thoughts: Walking for Hugo Boss

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.
— Lauren Hutton

This week I had the incredible opportunity to be in Hugo Boss's #ThisIsBOSS runway event at the Marina Bay Sands.

Let’s get the fanboying out of the way: Hugo Boss… wow. Growing up I remember the majority of my father’s work clothes (read: everyday clothes) from this fashion house. As I matured into a young adult, our local Regina store introduced me to their more casual Orange label. If I wasn’t so tragically abhorrent at golf, then I’d be rocking the Green label from hole to hole… or sand trap to sand trap (you’re wrong to assume that all dentists are good at the Scottish sport).*

I’ve walked for runways of various lengths and occasions – but nothing of this caliber. In this short list I will touch on FIVE things that stood out when working for Hugo Boss:


1. Everything Moves Quickly - Very Quickly

  • Tuesday: Casting Call
  • Wednesday: Fitting
  • Friday: Showtime

Hugo Boss isn’t here to waste time. They know what they want and when they want it. An army works behind the scenes and there is no confusion as to what each person’s role is.

Models doing model things (Credit: Hugo Boss/@boss)


2. Your Walk Has to Be Perfect

Now I’m not using the word perfect to mean quantitatively robotic, with each stride matched and measured to the exact millimetre (read: inches for our American neighbours). Instead your gait should be consistent with everyone else’s so that the moving line of models appear as a single, coherent form. This is particularly important for the finale, where each model is an arm’s length away from one another – the slightest discrepancy in spacing becomes visually distracting.

And if your walk isn't quite right? Organizers are there to give tips on how to improve – for example I was given the opportunity to practice an extra time because my pace was lagging behind the girl in front of me (her power walk left me in the dust). Other overheard tips:

  • “Relax your shoulders”
  • “A little less fierce”
  • “Try again with more swag”

See me struttin' my finale walk HERE.


3. Pinch Me… Am I Dreaming?

At multiple moments throughout the show day, my fellow Nu model, Tara (@tara_towns1), and I would look at each other and ask, “Are we actually walking for the Hugo Boss? Is this for real? What is life? Yanny or Laurel?**”

Frankly, most of the models shared this excitement. Hugo Boss is a household name in the fashion world and they’ve chosen us to represent their brand - what an honour. This will surely stand as one of my career highlights!

The aforementioned Tara alongside yours truly (Credit: @tara_towns1)


4. Celebrities!

Welcome to astronomy class boys and girls, because we’ve got a star-studded guest list! Everyone and their estranged half-cousin knew that Chris Hemsworth was landing in Singapore to be part of the concept store launch at Marina Bay Sands. Did not matter if he’d be arriving by plane or Bifröst***, the entire island wanted a glimpse of the famous Norse God/huntsman/Formula 1 driver. Heck, who am I kidding, I’m a HUGE Marvel nerd and would've loved to meet the man in person! Alas, I also realize the logistical impossibility of this feat.

Keep a sharp eye for these celebs also alongside the runway:

Sebastian Stan – known also as “Bucky Barnes” of Winter Soldier fame. I heard that he actually stayed for some of the after party to mingle with guests. Would have loved to meet Sebastian, but I took way too long to change into my civilian clothes.

Joseph Schooling – A huge congratulations to Mr. Schooling for being the first Singaporean BOSS ambassador! I still remember watching him take home the gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic games… what a legend. As he was being interviewed backstage with us models lined around him I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly friendly the Olympian was. I cannot think of anybody better to represent Singapore and the brand.

The only opportunity we models got to shoot with Chris (Credit: @doctor.ian.official)


5. The Finer Things

You thought the finale was impressive, but did you notice these smaller details:

  • Shoe laces are tied and then cut flush so that no extra material stand out
  • Clothing had to pass the mighty backstage lint roller test – twice!
  • We are wearing Hugo Boss underwear. You know… just in case?
  • Left hand in my pocket as I walk? That’s no accident
  • Nails professionally trimmed, manicured, and oiled

I’d like to conclude my thoughts with a word of thanks to the Hugo Boss organizers and creative team for allowing me to be a part of the #ThisIsBOSS runway show and store launch. It was both an impressive and immersive experience that offered insight into producing such an amazing event.

Hugo Boss, this experience was sweeter than a slice of schwarzwälder kirschtorte****.

Obligatory yet frankly gratuitous backstage selfie (Credit: @doctor.ian.official)


  • *as explained by their website, "Athleisure styles formally labelled as BOSS Green, and casual styles formerly labelled as BOSS Orange, are now found under BOSS, alongside the businesswear that the brand is best known for."
  • **this is referring to the auditory illusion whereby a garbage viral video once again tore the millennial world into two
  • ***Thor's means of instantaneous travel to any planet
  • ****more fun to say than "black forest cake"

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